Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Love Spans Across Time in 'Bright Half Life'

Rachael Holmes and Rebecca Henderson animate Bright Half Life
It was a bond that needed no introduction, for it was quite clear from the start.

Directed by Tony Award nominee Leigh Silverman and written by Pulitzer Prize nominee Tanya Barfield, Bright Half Life is a whirlwind of experiences, grounded in intense dialogue and humor.

"When I first began the play I didn't realize that I was actually writing the play because many of the scenes are quite short - like flashes of memory," said Barfield. "But slowly like developing old film, the play began to emerge."

For a window of time, unfolded the worlds of two women as well as everything meaningful in their lives as it all collided. Family tensions, work matters thoughts on existence and labels within society were all addressed. It was a visual photo album brimming with imagination and energy that came to life with the performance of each scene.

"My hope is that the audience goes on the "ride" - which is a bit like an emotional rollercoaster,"said Barfield. The ride ends March 22 and remaining tickets can be found on http://wptheater.org/show/bright-half-life/